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Tea Towels, again

I have been making tea towels again. I find the size easy to manage and one can try new things easily.
At the moment I am very interested in screen printing. This seems to be a bit difficult but gives very good results.
Until I work up the courage to try that, I am fumbling around with freezer paper.

Here I drew a cat reaching for a fish.


I made two of them, one for my aunt and one for a woman that has helped me tremendously in the last few years.

First I drew the design, then copied it onto Freezer paper. Filled the design with fabric color.
Under the cat is a small border with one of my stamps that I made.
Wait for it to dry …
Then iron it, so it will last.


Then comes the applique, the fish.
Then I decided it needed some more touching up with fabric colors.
So wait some more for it to dry

And lastly the sewing of the edges and a small thing to hang it up.


They are a bit different, because each one is drawn separately.
Oh! And I’ve given up on straight lines. I tell myself there is no straight line in nature, so my tea towels are bent, not one line straight. But maybe no one notices. Maybe I should first stop pointing it out to everyone 🙂
Oh well, the intent is the important thing.
And both were made with love


I hope you like them!