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New Dishtowel

Its sunday again, weather is gloomy and cold, so what better to do than to make a new dish towel and pot holder!

Dish towel 3

I bought a new book: Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs. I like the simplicity of the designs and the plain colors. It has inspired me for the towel and the pot holder.

Although, as usual, some corners that could be done a bit more “professional”, as in straight, or with greater care. But I guess I have arrived at the point that I accept my imperfections. So I am happy and like the result!

Dish towel 2

Dish towel 4

Dish towel1

Hope you like it too!


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Owl Book

I am a book seller by profession, so books are very valuable to me. On the other hand … I thought, if I do this, then this book will always remain special to me …
So some arguments pro, some con and then my curiosity got the best of me: will I be able to do it?

So here it is:

My owl book


The idea is out of the new “Making” Magazine, a magazine that I like very much.

One takes a cloth bound book (believe me, that was the hardest part! I have VERY many books, but now-a-days everything seems only to be bound in paper, even if its hardbound) and cut out the hole for the owl. Unfortunately mine had writing on the cover so I had to cut away a larger part, then you cut out the design on the front and put the owl inside.

I changed it as I made my own owl design and added some color.

And I really love that the book has a skyline on the bottom, a perfect thing for this project!

Now my sheep Manfred and Klaus are keeping the owl company.


Hope you like it!

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Stop needle loss!

When I am doing embroidery I keep losing my needles. Not thinking I put them somewhere, or I get up to do something, coming back I cant find the needle any more.
Besides having to find a new needle, I worry about all the needles in my apartment. So today I thought of this simple fix:

Wenn ich sticke verliere ich andauernd meine Nadeln. Ich passe nicht auf wo ich sie hinlege oder denke an anderes während ich aufstehe.
Nicht nur muss ich dann eine neue Nadel organsieren, auch mache ich mir Gedanken um all die herumliegenden Nadeln in meiner Wohnung. Also habe ich heute eine schnelle und einfache Lösung gefunden:

Needle 1

I made a little ball, some fabric stuffed with wool roving (that I happen to have for my needle felting) and glued it onto a clothes peg with my glue gun.

Eine kleine Kugel, Stoff mit Wollfasern gefüllt (die ich für mein Nadelfilzen reichlich besitze) und das Ganze mit einer Heissklebepistole auf eine Wäscheklammer geklebt.


I now have a perfect “parking space” for my needle!

Endlich ein sicherer Hafen für meine Nadeln!


The pattern is using a template from Mollie Makes Magazine. I changed it a bit, but I can never copy anything without changing it 🙂

Die Vorlage ist aus der Zeitschrift Mollie Makes. Ich habe sie verändert, aber ich kann nie etwas kopieren ohne es für mich anzupassen 🙂


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Skiing in the snow

Winter has finally fully arrived in Austria. It has brought us unexpected amounts of snow.

So now even the sheep want to ski!

Here is Manfred with his friend Klaus. It is his first time on skis, but he is very courageous and tries a little hill immediately.
His friend Klaus, the one with the pullover, watches from safe distance


Manfred has this rakish little cap, he thinks its way cool.


Here they are talking tactics and discussing the quality of the snow.


Manfred goes again!


Klaus is cold and wants to go home …


They are both about 7 x 5 cm. Needle felted wool.

Hope you like them 🙂

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Grumpy sunday

I dont feel well today. Nothing great, just a small headache, the wind blowing around the house gets on my nerves and nothing I try to do works out.
Seriously! There are those days when just nothing you do results in anything worthwhile. I’ve noticed that already some time ago, there are weekends (my main times of crafting) when everything I do is a failure.

I’ve managed this so far:

this was originally a container full with chocolate powder. Mmmh good chocolate powder, then one day while on a sugar bliss I looked at the container and thought: nice shape! This could be a vase.

So I forced myself to eat up everything 🙂 and then started by sticking some very light paper on it with Mod Podge. I had two different colors of paper and decided to have it lighter on top and more color on the bottom.
I let that dry and drew on it with Sharpies.

Container 2


So now it holds all my brushes and tools for painting

Container 3

Being moderately happy with that I continued to start things and angrily tearing them up soon afterwards. The only thing that I will let be is this (maybe because I am too frustrated to have nothing to show at the end of the day)

Some candle holders

Candle 1

Candle 2

Candle 3

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New Years Visit

Here it is again!
Making a new years visit. Now that the sun is shining one can see the wonderful color of the fur.

Schon wieder ein Besuch! Ein Neu-Jahrsbesuch!
Wenn die Sonne scheint, kann man die wunderbare Fellfarbe sehen

01 01 2013 1

Most of the time this is the sort of picture I am able to make

Meistens gelingen mir solche Fotos

01 01 2013 2

It moves so fast!
Es bewegt sich so schnell!

I fear it has found the bug that was living with me (on the balcony). It was a large black insect, I had made it a little house to spend the winter in, but I am afraid that wasnt a good idea…. 😦

Ich fürchte es hat meinen Mitbewohner (auf dem Balkon) gefunden. Es war ein grosser schwarzer Käfer. Dieses Jahr hatte ich ihm eine Überwinterungsmöglichkeit gebastelt, leider keine gute Idee …. 😦

01 01 2013 3

But still, isnt it the sweetest thing?

Trotzdem, ist es nicht einfach putzig?

01 01 2013 5

I think I know how it comes to my balcony: it goes over the roof. How it gets to the roof, I dont know, have to check this out. Here it is checking out the distance to jump on the roof.

Ich glaube es kommt über das Dach. Wie es auf das Dach kommt, kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, ich muss mir das noch ansehen.
Hier kalkuliert es die Distanz zum Dach um zu springen.

01 01 2013 4

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Crows in the tree

There are some very nice, large trees near my house.
Poplars or cottonwood. Which is a fitting name, their seeds are wrapped in little cotton like hairs that cling to everything and are hard to remove.

Still those are wonderful trees, home to many animals and I love having them near and seeing them.

Bei meinem Haus stehen etliche Pappeln. Zuerst mochte ich sie nicht so gerne, weil die Samen eine baumwollartige Schutzhülle haben die überall dran klebt.
Aber sie sind mir schnell ans Herz gewachsen: mächtige, wunderschöne Bäume die vielen Tieren Schutz und Heimat bieten.


Now it seems that the crows passing by in the morning on the way to the places they spend their days, also think this a good place to take a short rest.
What a lot of noise they make!
And how many there are!

Seit kurzem landen jeden Morgen Krähen in ihren Kronen. Auf ihrem Weg zu den Tagesplätzen legen sie einen kurzen Zwischenstopp auf den Baumkronen ein.
Wie laut sie sind!
Wie viele es gibt!