Home of the Red Monster

DIY and craftiness. Helped me heal and makes me happy!

Tree applique

I love to make appliquees.
I think that is like drawing, just with fabrics.
One of the errors, I learned the hard way, is to make the application to small. As has happened with this one.

I had this idea in my head of a tree.


Then I discovered that the fabric I had chosen was too thin and too small to successfully sew unto the pullover.

Angrily I threw it into the corner
after putting it aside for some months I discovered a fabric that one can iron on to make it stronger and help with the applications.

Some time later after I managed to understand the side with the stickiness and how to use it … after making a new iron board covering, because I had completely ruined the old one …. I managed to sew these little leaves on.

I think it looks good.
I’ll probably add more leaves to make the tree a bit more substantial.


Every day is learning! 🙂


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