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Ear Phone Cat

How does it happen that the instant you put down your ear phones they tangle up? Is it some strange law of physics?

Mine look like this:


Waste no more time! Here is the Ear Phone Cat!!!


This is how it looks from the back


and finally: opened


Let me show you how I made it:

Select fabric (very hard!) and make a template for the cat body


Cut out the template on some interface, mine is called Decovil and is similar to leather. Usually one uses it for bags, to give it more body. I guess some cardboard would also do.


Cut out the fabric. Careful! Learn from me and switch sides for the second cut out!
Cut the fabric slightly larger than what you have marked. It will be corrected soon, but if you cut it too small …



Then glue the fabric to the interface. Take some glue that is not too strong so that you can move the fabric after you have stuck it on.
The glue is just to hold it in place when you sew it.


Afterwards its good to cut off the excess fabric. Its easier to sew (you wont accidentally sew in “thin air”)


Sew around the outline


Then the beloved fray check


Do for the tail like you did for the body: cut out interface, glue on fabric, sew, fray check. Take in account that the tail has to be larger than you think, it has to accommodate the cable and everything.
Try it out before you sew it …

Then put a button. I have Kam Snaps which I find useful for such things, but I am sure a normal button with a sting loop will also do.


Finally attach the tail on the opposite side of the button, by sewing it on.






5 thoughts on “Ear Phone Cat

  1. Adorable idea!!

  2. I found you from Sewing Barefoot. This is very cute. I haven’t done snaps in so long, but this seems worth digging out the stuff again. I have pinned your item to my DIY Pinterest board. Read my entry:

  3. A very clever idea and doesn’t look too hard to make.

  4. This is adorable! My earphones totally look like that and I always have to untangle them. Thanks for sharing at The Weekly Creative.

    Shannon@ Sewing Barefoot

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