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Fox Love

My love for foxes continues …

I made this small fox, he loves his little nest that he is sleeping in, it has a nice cushion of grass so that he lies comfy.

Meine Liebe zu Füchsen hält an …

Ich habe diesen kleinen Fuchs gemacht. Er liebt es in seinem kleinen Korb zu liegen, innen drinnen ist Gras, damit er weich liegt.


I love these alert little eyes!

Ich liebe diesen aufgeweckten Ausdruck der Augen!


and how one ear is slightly crooked – he is a funny, sly, little one!

und sein Ohr, das leicht eingedrückt ist! Es gibt ihm einen verwegenenen, lustigen Ausdruck!

Here are the other ones I have made so far.

This one is big, hangs on the wall.

Hier sind die anderen die ich bis jetzt gemacht habe.

Dieser ist gross, hängt an der Wand.


And this one. He came to me at a difficult time of my life and made me happy. Unfortunately I cannot get a good picture of the colors. It always looks to harsh, to hard. But in fact it is gentle orange with a little red.

Und dieser. Er kam zu mir in einer schweren Zeit und hat mich aufgemuntert. Leider gelingt es mir nicht, ein gutes Foto von ihm zu machen, die Farben kommen immer falsch raus, zu hart, zu extrem. Aber tatsächlich ist ein ein ruhiges Orange mit ein bißchen Rot.



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Skiing in the snow

Winter has finally fully arrived in Austria. It has brought us unexpected amounts of snow.

So now even the sheep want to ski!

Here is Manfred with his friend Klaus. It is his first time on skis, but he is very courageous and tries a little hill immediately.
His friend Klaus, the one with the pullover, watches from safe distance


Manfred has this rakish little cap, he thinks its way cool.


Here they are talking tactics and discussing the quality of the snow.


Manfred goes again!


Klaus is cold and wants to go home …


They are both about 7 x 5 cm. Needle felted wool.

Hope you like them 🙂