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Renovation of the bathroom

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Hi, I’m back. Long time no see. I hope you’re well 🙂

After putting it off for three years *embarrassed cough* I finally made some changes in my small bathroom.

The tiles were awful. Obviously not too awful, but just plain ugly. Unfortunately I didn’t make “before” pictures. Every time I looked at them I wondered who would produce such ugly tiles… and who would buy them and think it a good idea to have them in the bathroom …

I found a very good paint, made for bathrooms, and just painted over the ugly tiles. I was amazed how easy it was. It’s not a permanent solution of course, but until I magically get enough money to make everything new, until that time it will be good.


The bathroom is really small and it’s hard to make pictures.
Here you can see the rod for the curtain. It was plain grey, I covered it with Washi Tape.
Then the window was a dirty white and so I covered it in my ever popular yellow plastic cover.


Here you see two Tenugui. I buy them on Etsy from this guy

I love japanese fabric and I thought the carp would feel well in my bathroom.

Here you can see my jewellery stash. Most of it self-made.




The little blue dog was an old metal key dish. I painted it blue some years ago and it guards my small earrings.

Then I decided this small bathroom needs a mirror sky.
I really like it (again very hard to make a picture of it, sorry!) and I will expand it some more, probably over the whole ceiling.
Its just that I am afraid of heights and standing on a ladder, doing things over my head is not my preferred thing to do. So for the moment I am enjoying what I have and working up more courage to get on the ladder again 😉


I hope you like it!


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