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Owl Book

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I am a book seller by profession, so books are very valuable to me. On the other hand … I thought, if I do this, then this book will always remain special to me …
So some arguments pro, some con and then my curiosity got the best of me: will I be able to do it?

So here it is:

My owl book


The idea is out of the new “Making” Magazine, a magazine that I like very much.

One takes a cloth bound book (believe me, that was the hardest part! I have VERY many books, but now-a-days everything seems only to be bound in paper, even if its hardbound) and cut out the hole for the owl. Unfortunately mine had writing on the cover so I had to cut away a larger part, then you cut out the design on the front and put the owl inside.

I changed it as I made my own owl design and added some color.

And I really love that the book has a skyline on the bottom, a perfect thing for this project!

Now my sheep Manfred and Klaus are keeping the owl company.


Hope you like it!


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