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Grumpy sunday

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I dont feel well today. Nothing great, just a small headache, the wind blowing around the house gets on my nerves and nothing I try to do works out.
Seriously! There are those days when just nothing you do results in anything worthwhile. I’ve noticed that already some time ago, there are weekends (my main times of crafting) when everything I do is a failure.

I’ve managed this so far:

this was originally a container full with chocolate powder. Mmmh good chocolate powder, then one day while on a sugar bliss I looked at the container and thought: nice shape! This could be a vase.

So I forced myself to eat up everything 🙂 and then started by sticking some very light paper on it with Mod Podge. I had two different colors of paper and decided to have it lighter on top and more color on the bottom.
I let that dry and drew on it with Sharpies.

Container 2


So now it holds all my brushes and tools for painting

Container 3

Being moderately happy with that I continued to start things and angrily tearing them up soon afterwards. The only thing that I will let be is this (maybe because I am too frustrated to have nothing to show at the end of the day)

Some candle holders

Candle 1

Candle 2

Candle 3


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